Peace and Acceptance

God puts different people in our lives at different times, in a similar way he takes them away at different times as well. Sometimes it is for the good, other times we may not quite understand why. We are not called to know why; we are called to trust in God and know that he is perfect with everything he does. When we lose someone close to our heart we ache, we search for answers. Which is all good and necessary, however we need to focus on finding peace as well, just as God has found peace in his decision. God knows some events in our lives will crush our spirits and put our spirits to the test; however, he also gives us people to support us during those difficult times. Knowing that we will come out of the other side stronger and wiser than before.

Sunrise and sunset: interesting facts about the golden hour

Published by g8t9

Hi everyone! I hope to be a light in your life and lead you away from the stigma of mental health. This is a safe place to share stories and learn from each other, in hope to grow and do better in our everyday lives.

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