No one understands mental health until they experience it themselves, and once that happens it changes a person’s perspective on the world. Having a mental illness is like have diabetes; it can be controlled and maintained with a change of lifestyle but sometimes out of nowhere it spikes. Once it spikes action must be taken immediately otherwise it leads down a bad road. With diabetes people can lose limbs, but with mental health people lose friends and experiences. This terrible side effect of mental illness can be detrimental. Sadly, when people lose their battle with mental illness other’s do not look at the situation like it was an autoimmune disorder. Instead people hold a stigma, they make excuses, and sadly they blame themselves. 

Published by g8t9

Hi everyone! I hope to be a light in your life and lead you away from the stigma of mental health. This is a safe place to share stories and learn from each other, in hope to grow and do better in our everyday lives.

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